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White rabbit earrings that add a sparkle of magic and perhaps charm a little luck your way.

These classic earrings have a white shimmery pearl lustre. 

Created to add a lollop of fun to your lobes and hopefully some luck hops your way, especially when worn on the first day of every month! 

Some will be familiar with the saying.  But for those who are yet to know the magic of the saying 'White Rabbits' you will be wiser now and perhaps join in the fun.


Three sizes in hook earrings. 

Large 2 x 3 cm

Medium 1.5 x 2.5 cm

Small 1 x 2 cm

Stainless steel hooks


According to superstition saying ‘White Rabbits’ on the first day of every month is meant to coax good luck your way.  I remember the playground rule of “A pinch and a punch” which needed be followed immediately with “White rabbits, no return” so you couldn’t be pinched back. Some also claim that the term was widely used among RAF bomber aircrew during WWII, who would say 'White Rabbits' to protect themselves when they woke up. There are allsorts of interesting historical stories about the saying ‘White Rabbits’ and we all relish a bit of luck.


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