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How about something delectable to store your lollies?

These lolly jars are enticing and add allsorts of sweetness.

Perfect gift for lolly lovers or fun treat for the family.

These deliciously jar lids feature an intricate and eye-catching assortment

of lollies which are created from polymer clay.  


Lid choices:

Liquorice allsorts ~ Kiwiana lollies ~ Jelly Beans ~ Jet Planes

If you wish to have a lid with specific colours or lollies I am happy to customise.

Individually handmade so the positioning and colour of the decorative elements may vary.


Discount on multiple sets: 

Two sets = 8% discount Code: LOLLYJAR8

Three sets = 10% discount Code: LOLLYJAR10

Use the specific code at the checkout.


Jar sizes:

Large - Diameter 9cm  Height 17 cm

Fits approx 400g of lollies

Medium - Diameter 8 cm Height 13cm

Fits approx 250g of lollies


Choice of an empty jar with a decorative paper lolly insert or lolly filled jar.

Jar with lollies is an additional cost. 


Lolly filled: Large $7.00 (400g) Medium $5.00 (250g)

Select: Liquorice allsorts, Kiwiana Pick'n'mix, Jelly Beans orJet planes.

*Want specific lollies I am happy to accommodate just leave a note/message at check out.







  • All jars are sterilsed in boiling water and the airtight seals are cleaned.

    It is recommend that the decorative lolly lids need to be gently wiped with a soapy cloth.  
    Hot water will make the polymer clay brittle and fade the vibrant colours.

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