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This emotional regulation lanyard is designed as a visual aid to support individuals and assist with the delivery of emotional regulation instruction. 


A beneficial and easy access tool for teachers, teacher aides and counsellors to help students to effectively navigate their emotions.  A breakaway clasp allows the lanyard to be released from the neck, preventing any damage or harm. 



2-3 lanyards 5% discount = $28.50 each  CODE: LANYARD5

4-5 lanyards 10% discount = $27.00 each CODE: LANYARD10

6-10 lanyards 15% = $25.50 each CODE: LANYARD15

Over 10 message me for a bulk discount


Handmade using polymer clay beads, satin nylon cord, stainless steel clip and split ring, plastic breakaway clasps that snap back together multiple times. 


Length 74cm around the neck and to the top red bead. Can be made longer on request.

Length of four beads plus split ring and clip 11cm

Individual beads diameter 1cm  x 2cm. 


*You can shorten the length of the lanyard if required.

Open the breakaway clasps.  Feed one side of the lanyard cord through the breakaway - you will see a knot.  Cut this side of the string to shorten and tie a new knot. Do the same on the other side. Single knots are fine just make sure they are tight.  Then close your breakaway.





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